Art Books Spring Fundraiser 2022

Give the Gift of Art
Connect with your library during National Library Week and beyond!

Give the Gift of Art

The Friends of Chesterfield County Public Library conducted a campaign to fundraise for a new collection of library materials to support the arts. The fundraiser ran from April 4th – May 31st, 2022.

The purpose was to foster creativity and learning, and to build the community’s knowledge of arts.

Art can sometimes be overlooked in a technology and science-driven world. Nevertheless, libraries help expand access to the arts and remind people of the joy that creative endeavors can bring.

Traditional categories of art include painting, drawing, sculpture, furniture design, mosaics, music composition, photography, theatre, dance, interior design, textiles and much more! This collection will inspire community members to explore and learn about these media.

1.           Donate in person at your local library.
2.           Donate to the Facebook fundraiser by clicking here.
3.           If you don’t have Facebook, you can donate directly through the Friends website by clicking the button below.

• Art brings joy
• Art illuminates and reflects culture
• Art strengthens community bonds
• Art can have a positive impact on mental health
• Art brings people together and embraces diversity
• Art allows people to uniquely express themselves







Give the Gift of Art! Donate to the Friends today and inspire creativity for yourself and others.