Terms of Photo Submissions

Terms and Conditions – Community Photo Submission for the FCCPL Picture Book Fundraising Campaign

The Friends of the Chesterfield County Public Library is also referenced as “The Friends” and “FCCPL.”

The Friends invite photo submissions from residents of Chesterfield County, Virginia to be featured in print and social media promotions of its 50th Anniversary Picture Book Fundraiser. Picture books are so important. A picture book is a book written for children that heavily relies on pictures to help tell the story, but may also include words. Picture books introduce children to words and reading, help build healthy cognitive skills, and promote parent-child bonding. The Friends have a goal to raise money to provide at least 1,000 picture books to replenish and expand the Chesterfield County Public Library system’s collection.

How to submit photos:

Anyone is eligible to submit photos for consideration. Members of FCCPL and CCPL Library System staff may participate. There are no exclusions. The Friends wish to represent the diversity of the Chesterfield community in this fundraiser campaign, and strongly encourage individuals and families of all backgrounds, cultures and configurations to submit photos.
A person may submit a maximum of three photos.

The deadline for submitting photos is 10/24/20 by 11:59 p.m. EST
Photos can be submitted by:

Sending them via e-mail to president@chesterfieldfriends.org or
Sending them via Friend of the Chesterfield County Library Facebook messenger

The following information should be included with your submission:
1. Name of the person submitting the photo.
2. Phone number and email address
3. Name(s) of and age(s) of people in the photo.
4. Answer: What does this photo mean to you? Explain what the photo conveys about enjoying picture books.
5. Answer: Are you a Chesterfield County Resident? Yes/No
6. Answer: Do you have the rights to this photo? Yes/No
7. Answer: Do you certify and warrant that the submitted photo(s) does not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright? Yes/No

Technical specifications for submitted photos

The photo must clearly represent the concept of “reading or enjoying a picture book.” The photo(s) must be submitted as a high-resolution JPEG (as high as your camera will allow). Pictures taken with smartphones are acceptable. If you do not have a high-quality camera please still submit your photos but be aware that they may not be included if they are blurry once embedded in a promotional piece. The photo must not contain violence, profanity, sex or direct attacks on individuals or organizations. Any entries deemed offensive will be immediately disqualified.

Examples of photos:

A child age birth to five reading a picture book
A child reading to a pet or stuffed animal
A parent or parents reading to their baby/young child
An older sibling reading to their younger sibling
A grandparent reading to their infant grandchild
A smiling adult holding their favorite picture book from childhood

The photo must be an original creation – no copyrighted images may be used.

The participant must certify and warrant that the submitted photo(s) does not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright. FCCPL is not responsible for intellectual property violations that might have resulted through the submissions of photos.

Judging and notification of selected photographers

After the submission period closes at 10/24/20, 11:59 p.m. EST, qualifying photos will be selected based on message clarity, composition and overall presentation. The Friends’ Picture Book Fundraiser Committee will select the entries. The committee’s decision is final. Any attempt by a participant to influence the result or subvert the photo competition will lead to immediate disqualification.

The photos selected to be part of the Picture Book Fundraising promotion will be announced in November 2020 and the photographer will be notified by email. If an entrant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, FCCPL reserves the right to not include that photo.

Rights and ownership

Participants and photographers will not be paid for their photos. By submitting their photos to FCCPL, participants agree to grant FCCPL free of charge the right to use the photo in any manner and media, for the Picture Book Fundraising campaign, including without limitation, the right to publish, adapt, distribute, copy, display or translate in printed or electronic media. FCCPL agrees to mention the full name of the chosen photographer when used in the promotional materials or other related materials.
Participants whose photos are selected to participate will be asked to sign and verify the information (#1-6 above) they included with their photo. Participants may be asked to take part in publicity activities.


FCCPL reserves the right to modify or cancel the submission arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the submission, at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary.
The personal information provided to FCCPL by the participants shall only be used for the purposes of this campaign. All participants are entitled to access, cancel, oppose and rectify the details about the personal data (such as names, addresses, etc.) contained in the file by sending their request by email to president@chesterfieldfriends.org or via the Friends’ Facebook messenger.

Participation in the contest, including being selected to have your photo considered for inclusion in the Friends’ Picture Book Fundraising campaign, in no manner constitutes an endorsement or support by FCCPL of the candidates’ views or aims or of any products or services. Candidates shall not advertise or otherwise claim to have obtained any such endorsement or support. The FCCPL name and logo are the property of FCCPL and should not be used in any manner whatsoever without the prior consent of FCCPL. FCCPL must approve in writing any statement, advertisement, press release or similar communication in any media, relating to candidates participation in the picture book campaign.

Contact us: president@chesterfieldfriends.org